EECS122 Spring 1999 Final Exam Information

Date: 5/21/99
Place: 2050 VALLEY LSB
Time: 12:30-3:30pm

Rules: closed book and closed notes, except you may bring a single 8.5x11" sheet of paper with you which may have things written down on it on both sides. Note: students found with additional materials or found "collaborating" on any portion of the exam will receive an immediate zero score and a letter to their permanent student file.

Content: the final will cover the entire semester's worth of material, but with more weight given to the material covered after the mid-term. I expect there to be approximately 10 questions, meaning there should be less time pressure than on the mid-term.

Note: if you haven't already looked, please do not forget to read the supplementary notes on WFQ

The following topics either may (or may not) be emphasized on the final exam:

the end-to-end argument
link performance
latency, overhead, the "a" parameter
Address assignments, forwarding tables
checksums (link vs end-to-end; how to compute them)
virtual circuit vs datagram models
best-effort vs better-than-best effort delivery
IP multicast model, general approaches to routing
hierarchical routing, BGP
Dijkstra's shortest path algorithm
transport layer, UDP, TCP
reliable transport, stop&wait, sliding window
window based flow control
congestion control (rate based and feedback-based)
FCFS, WRR, GPS, PGPS/WFQ, DRR, VC scheduling
TCPs slow-start and congestion avoidance
TCP Karn and Nagle algorithms
TCP fast rtx/fast recovery, dupack behavior
TCP connection establishment/teardown, ISNs, MSS
ATM fundamentals
AAL5 and encapsulation of IP inside AAL5
MPLS and related technologies
leaky buckets, GPS end-to-end delay results
traffic descriptors, ATM QoS types
max-min fairness
IntServ, DiffServ architectures

The following topics will *not* be emphasized on the final exam:
coding theory, L2 bridges, ARP, ICMP, details of RIP and OSPF,
DUAL algorithm, protocol implementation issues, non-work-conserving
scheduling, security