EECS 122, Lecture 9


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Table of Contents

EECS 122, Lecture 9

Switches and Scale

Star Topologies

Switch Example

Datagrams vs Circuits

Virtual Circuit Switching

Virtual Circuit Tables

VCS Observations

Datagram Switching

Datagram Switching Observations

Switching Hardware

Switch Throughput

Traffic Modeling

Scalability and Ports

Switch Buffering

Head of Line Blocking

Crossbar Switches

The Knockout Switch

Knockout Output Ports

Knockout Concentrator

Determining l winners

Knockout Output Buffer


Self-Routing Fabrics

An 8x8 Banyan

Banyan Routing Example

Banyan Properties

Batcher Networks

An 8x8 Batcher

Observations on Batcher

Batcher Complexity

Output Contention

Sunshine Switch

Sunshine Switch

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