EECS 122, Lecture 16


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EECS 122, Lecture 16

Link Costs and Metrics

Static Cost Metrics

Traffic-Sensitive Metrics

Traffic-Sensitive Metrics

Routing Hierarchy

Hierarchical Internet

Hierarchical Internet Routing

Intra- and Inter- Domain Routing Protocols

Routing Information Protocol (RIP1 and RIP2)

RIP History

RIP Version 1

RIP Version 1 Support

RIP Routing Table Structure

RIP, Version 2

Subnet Support


Route Tag and Next Hop ID

OSPF - Open Shortest Path

Broadcast Networks

Non-Broadcast Networks

Multiple Areas

External Routes

Protocols within OSPF

The Hello Protocol

DR and BDR Election

Exchange Protocol

Flooding Protocol

IGRP - cisco routing protocol

IGRP Composite Metrics

Optimization Metric

Optimization Metric


Specialized Loop Detection


Route Poisoning

EIGRP: Extended IGRP (cisco)

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