EECS 122, Lecture 25


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Table of Contents

EECS 122, Lecture 25

Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) Concepts

STM and Packet Switching

Packet Switched Networks

Virtual Circuit Identifiers (VCIs)

Implications of VC Switching

Some Particulars

ATM Signaling

Cell Switching

Buffer Hardware

Line Scheduling

Large Parallel Switches

Problems with Fixed Sizes

The Overhead/Delay Tradeoff

Integrated Services

ATM Addressing

ATM Addressing

The NSAP Formatů

NSAP Acronym Decode

Service Provided by ATM

ATM Cell Header Format

ATM Cell Payload Type Field

ATM Adaptation Layers (AAL)


AAL5 Frame Fields

IP and ATM

IP over ATM

IP Encapsulation on AAL5

Address Mapping for ATM

NHRP (Next-Hop Routing Protocol)


LAN Emulation (LANE)

Virtual LANs (VLANs)

ATM Routing (P-NNI)

PNNI QoS Routing

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