EECS 122, Lecture 27


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EECS 122, Lecture 27

Where we are…

Scheduling of Best-Effort Traffic

Max-Min Fairness using GPS

What this means…

Weighted Round Robin

Deficit Round Robin (DRR)

DRR Example

PGPS (Pkt-by-pkt GPS) and WFQ

Guaranteed Service Connections

Looking a bit closer…

An Example

Example (cont’d)

Virtual Clock

Delay-Earliest Due Date (EDD)


Rate Controlled Scheduling

RC Scheduling Implementation Issues

Packet Drop Strategies

Degree of Aggregation

Drop Priorities

Drop Early or on Overload

Drop Position

QoS Summary

The Real World

QoS in ATM: Service Categories

ATM Traffic Parameters

ATM QoS Parameters

Use of Parameters by Category

QoS Components in ATM

Shaping and UPC

Cell Loss Priority

Connection Admission Control

Admission Control

Source Models

Equivalent Capacity

Equivalent Capacity

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