EECS 122, Lecture 28


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EECS 122, Lecture 28

QoS/CoS in the Internet

Internet Integrated Services (IntServ)

IntServ Architecture

Controlled Load Service (2211)

Behavior from CL Service

Time Scales for CL Service

Implementation Requirements


Guaranteed Service (2212)

Receiver Specification (RSPEC)

A Word on Delay

The Fluid Model of Service

Deriving the Delay Bound

Deriving the Delay Bound

When we know p

The GS Maximum Delay Bound

Policing and Reshaping in GS


ReSerVation Protocol (2205)

Reservation Set-UP

Method of Operation

Reservation Styles

Reservation Components

Reservation Merging


The DiffServ Architecture (2475)

Its a DiffServ World After All...

Inside a DS Domain

Traffic Classification and Conditioning

Per-Hop Behaviors (PHBs)

Assured Forwarding (AF) PHB

Expedited Forwarding (EF) PHB

Implementing the EF PHB

Example services using PHBs

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