Mid-term Information

Date: 3/18/99
Place: 1 Pimentel Hall
Time: 5-6:30pm

See the midterm scores (posted 3/30/99)...

Rules: closed book and closed notes, except you may bring a single 8.5x11" sheet of paper with you which may have things written down on it on both sides.

I have had several students ask whether my intention is to grill them on very specific details and memorization of three letter acronyms, etc. The answer is no. However, some protocols were the result of specific situations that have arisen over time. For example, the DNS (the domain name system) came about to answer a need for scaling the name space. It would be good to understand the need for such a protocol and its basic theory of operation, but you do not need to regurgitate for me the location of each particular field. My intention is to focus on important concepts, so when you look over the lecture notes look not only for important individual results, but also for common themes.

Additional info: the DUAL algorithm will not be covered on this mid-term. The details of using parity checking for errors will not be covered, nor will the exact operation of the Knockout switch.